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For 24 years, Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine (VCCQM) has kept you in the loop. VCCQM, in print and online, is your one-stop source for non-partisan statewide political news. Get the story, direct and fresh, from those who make it happen every day—the governor, lieutenant governor and Attorney General; the pundits, professors, and policymakers; the legislators, lobbyists, and liaisons; the columnists, citizens and candidates.

VCCQM was created by David Bailey, a 30-year veteran lobbyist with David Bailey Associates. For a few years it was published for Virginians for Integrity in Government, a 501(c)(3) educational organization, which was established to provide concerned individuals a means to get involved in government and make a difference. In recent years, Virginia Capitol Connections, Incorporated, became the publisher of this quarterly magazine, the annual Redbook and other directories.

Over its history, the magazine has brought you interviews with, and stories by, the prominent players in the Commonwealth. You can count on balanced coverage, with point-counterpoint opinion pieces. We offer annual features, like the legislative “freshman class,” and special issues, like the special edition on women in politics, and spotlight on Southwest Virginia.

They say that “knowledge is power,” and we at VCCQM agree. We thank our loyal readers and hope that all citizens will join us in keeping up to date with Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine.